0.13.0.pre0 (30-01-2023)#

  • Add support for editable installs

  • Fix the creation of artifacts when the output directory does not exist (fixes builds on PDM, etc)

  • Fix C++ cross-compilation on macOS

  • Fix the deb_system sysconfig install scheme addition in the Debian heuristics

  • Don’t try to reconfigure the build directory if it doesn’t exist

  • Remove importlib_resources dependency

0.12.0 (22-12-2022)#

  • Dependency change: typing_extensions is now required for Python <3.10 rather than <3.8

  • Raise SystemExit on expected errors

  • Revise error messages for consistency

  • Support setuptools-style macOS cross compilation via ARCHFLAGS

  • Allow to overwrite macOS platform tag via _PYTHON_HOST_PLATFORM

  • Include (similar) allowed keys in error messages

0.11.0 (21-11-2022)#

  • Project moved to the mesonbuild organization

  • Determine wheel tags by introspecting the Python interpreter

  • Allow users to pass options directly to Meson via the tools.meson-python.args.{dist,setup,compile,install} pyproject.toml keys, and the {dist,setup,compile,install}-args frontend config options

  • Use the system ninja dependency if possible

  • Include files generated by mesonadd_dist_script to sdists

  • Use tomllib on Python>=3.11

  • Drop wheel dependency in favor of in-house solution

  • Fix bug where the entry_points.txt file wasn’t being generated

  • Fix bug where Cygwin Python extensions were not being noticed

0.10.0 (05-10-2022)#

  • Ignore the macOS minor version on >=11, to match the behavior with pypa/packaging

0.9.0 (29-09-2022)#

  • More fixes on ABI tag detection

  • Fix incorrect tag on 32-bit Python running on a x86_64 host

  • Fix sdist permissions

  • Fix incorrect PyPy tags

  • Fix install_subdirs not being included in wheels

  • Take MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET into account for the platform tag

  • Don’t set the rpath on binaries if unneeded

0.8.1 (28-07-2022)#

  • Fix UnboundLocalError in tag detection code

0.8.0 (26-07-2022)#

  • Fix sometimes the incorrect ABI tags being generated

  • Add workaround for macOS 11 and 12 installations that are missing a minor version in the platform string

0.7.0 (22-07-2022)#

  • Fix the wrong Python and ABI tags being generated in Meson 0.63.0

  • Fix project license not being included in the project metadata

0.6.0 (21-06-2022)#

  • Project re-licensed to MIT

  • Error out when running in an unsupported interpreter

  • Fix slightly broken Debian heuristics

  • Update pep621 dependency to pyproject-metadata

0.5.0 (26-05-2022)#

  • Improvements in dependency detections

  • Include uncommited changes in sdists

0.4.0 (06-05-2022)#

  • Set sane default arguments for release builds

0.3.0 (23-03-2022)#

  • Initial cross-platform support - Bundling libraries is still only supported on Linux

  • Add initial documentation

  • The build directory is now located in the project source

0.2.1 (26-02-2022)#

  • Fix getting the project version dynamically from Meson

0.2.0 (24-01-2022)#

  • Select the correct ABI and Python tags

  • Force Meson to use the correct Python executable

  • Replace auditwheel with in-house vendoring mechanism

0.1.2 (12-11-2021)#

  • Fix auditwheel not being run

0.1.1 (28-10-2021)#

  • Fix minor compatibility issue with Python < 3.9

0.1.0 (28-10-2021)#

  • Initial release