Environment variables#


  • Document ARCHFLAGS (see #226)




Disables color output from messages by meson-python.See https://no-color.org for more information.

Conflicts with other options

Cannot be used at the same time as FORCE_COLOR.


Forces color output from messages by meson-python.

Conflicts with other options

Cannot be used at the same time as NO_COLOR.


Enables verbose output in editable installs.

Check our guide

Please check our Editable installs guide for more information on how to use it.


Specify the target macOS version.

If MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is set, we will use the selected version for the wheel tag.

Use the right version

Please use major versions only, so 10.13, 11, 12.

If MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is not set, the current macOS major version on the build machine will be used instead (derived from platform.mac_ver()).

macOS versioning

macOS versioning changed from macOS 11 onward. For macOS 10.x, the versioning scheme is 10.major.minor. From macOS 11, it is major.minor.bugfix. Wheel tags and deployment targets are currently designed to be for major versions only. Examples of the platform part of tags that are currently accepted by, e.g., pip are: macosx_10_9, macosx_10_13, macosx_11_0, macosx_12_0.

Specifying the target version via the compiler

Another way of specifying the target macOS platform is to explicitly use -mmacosx-version-min compile and link flags when invoking Clang or GCC. It is not possible for meson-python to detect this though, so it will not set the wheel tag to that flag automatically.


Specify the ninja executable to use. Can also be used to select ninja alternatives like samurai.