No data#

Data, as installed by install_data, is not supported.

We recommend you install your data inside a Python module and use importlib.resources (or the importlib_resources backport) to access it. You can check our Using data files tutorial for how to do this.

If you really need the data to be installed where it was previously (eg. /usr/data), you can do so at runtime.

Parallel use of editable installs#

Currently, using a package installed in editable mode in more than one interpreter instances at the same time is not supported.

Using editable installs with IDEs#

Currently, with editable installs, setting breakpoints via an IDE or similar tool will not work.

We have work planned to fix this issue.

License field on PyPI#

meson-python includes the license file in the metadata, instead of trying to match it to a classifier and omitting it, like some other backends do. Unfortunately, this results in the whole license text being shown on the License of PyPI. You can read more about the issue and potential planned fixes in #129.

Platform-specific limitations#

Executables with internal dependencies Windows#

If you have an executable that links against a shared library provided by your project, on Windows meson-python will not be able to correctly bundle it into the wheel.

The executable will be included in the wheel, but it will not be able to find the project libraries it links against.

This is, however, easily solved by using a static library for the executable in question. Find how to do this in our Executable with internal dependencies guide.